In October 2014 our school entered into a hard federation with Holy Trinity CE Junior School.  This is a very exciting chapter for the school and has further strengthened our links with our feeder school. Each school maintains their own identity but benefits from the expertise of having just one Governing Body.  The Governing Body consists of a range of people selected from within the school and church community, all governors will serve across both schools. 

Chairman of Governors           Dr Con Papageorgiou

Vice Chairman                        Mrs Mary Bruce & Mr C Jones

Staff Governors                     Mr Steve Butler (Executive Headteacher of the Federation)

                                             Mrs Nicola Till

                                             Mr Tim Williams (Holy Trinity - Head of School)

                                             Miss Katie Penney (Little Marlow - Head of School)


Foundation Governors             Reverend Dave Bull

                                              Mrs Mary Bruce

                                              Mr S Collinson

                                              Mrs Diana Davis

                                              Reverend Sarah Fitzgerald   

                                              Ms Isabell Falconer

                                              Mr Alastair Hill

                                              Mr C Jones

                                              Mr A van Dijk

Parent Governors                    Dr Con Papageorgiou 

                                              Mr Simon Bunt


LEA Governor                         Mrs Kelly Horner


Associate Governors                Mrs Helen Jackson


Clerk                                     Bucknghamshire Learning Trust                                             

The Governor Information from 2016

Governor Attendance information - 2015/2016 - Full Governing Body + Committee meetings

To see the make-up of our Committees, click here: Committees 2014/15

The  Governor Information from 2014

 Governor Attendance information - 2014/2015








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